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How To Avoid Common Landscape Construction Problems

Building an outdoor living space is a great way to improve the value and aesthetic of your home. We ultimately recommend hiring a landscape construction company such as ourselves, however, if you attempt to DIY these are a few of the main issues that can also be a source of frustration if something goes wrong. Let's take a look at some of the most common landscape construction problems and how to avoid them.

Incorrect Slope or Grade

When landscaping, it’s essential that you have proper slope or grade in order for water to flow away from your house and other structures. If the slope is not correct, there could be drainage issues which can lead to flooding or pooling water around your home. This can cause damage to the foundation and even erode the soil beneath your home. To ensure that you have the right grade or slope when landscaping, hire an experienced contractor who can assess the project site beforehand and provide detailed instructions on how to set up proper drainage patterns.

Poor Soil Quality

Another common problem with landscape construction is poor soil quality. Poor soil quality can lead to plants not growing properly or even dying before they reach maturity. It’s important to choose plants that are suited for your climate and soil type so that they will thrive in their environment. Additionally, if needed, you should amend your soil by adding organic material such as compost or mulch in order to improve its fertility levels and assist with water retention.

Incorrect Plant Selection

Finally, one of the biggest mistakes people make when landscaping is choosing plants that are not suited for their climate or environment. Before selecting any plants for your landscape design, research what types of plants are best suited for your area and make sure you understand their growing requirements such as sun exposure, water needs etc., so that you can be sure that they will thrive in their new environment once planted.

How can I avoid landscape construction problems?

Properly planning your landscape construction project is key to avoiding any potential problems. It is critical that you understand the scope of the work, so it is important to create a detailed plan of what you want accomplished. Additionally, make sure to select a qualified and experienced contractor who can provide references, has relevant insurance coverage, and will be able to follow your plan in its entirety. Finally, know exactly when the job should be completed and have an understanding of the time frame for completion by discussing this with your contractor prior to starting work on the project. By employing these steps before beginning a landscape construction project, you are sure to ensure success!

Landscaping offers a great opportunity to add value and enhance the overall aesthetic of your home; however, it’s important to pay attention to detail so as not to run into any issues along the way. By understanding some of these common landscape construction problems you can better equip yourself with knowledge about how to avoid them in order create a beautiful outdoor oasis without any hassles!

If you ever feel overwhelmed by all of this information, don't hesitate to Contact us today or submit an enquiry for a quote!

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